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The richness of Japanese could be reduced to a local language
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We Japanese

Tamarah Cohen of Kansai Gaidai University has created a very interesting, and to many Japanese probably surprising, video series that explores the notion of Japanese identity. Highly recommended.

• Monday January 12, 2009 • Add Comment [5]

The Democratic Party of Japan Keeps it to the Point

A commercial for the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) gets the message through with just a few sentences: “Economic issues, pension issues, medical issues. People are now embraced by fear in many different ways. We feel a heavy political responsibility about these issues. Making it possible for every single citizen to live life without worry. That is the kind of politics that we, the Democratic Party of Japan, will make a reality.” The DPJ hammers on the same issue, “we will improve your life.” The message is simple, clear and straight, and it is repeated daily.

Democratic Party of Japan • Saturday December 20, 2008 • Add Comment

Kentucky Fried Christmas

Christmas is in the air, as well as the smell of fried chicken… Over many years Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan has somehow managed to position its greasy offerings as a romantic Christmas delight. There is something deeply sad about fast food being seen as romantic.

KFC • Sunday November 30, 2008 • Add Comment [1]

Lucky Star

Animators traced a real performance by Susumu Nishikawa (guitar), Takeshi Taneda (bass guitar), and Yutaka Odawara (drums) to create this version of Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsumeawase (涼宮ハルヒの詰合). It was featured in the very popular anime Lucky Star, which focuses on the lives of four high-school girls. Cool clip.

Lucky Star • Sunday November 30, 2008 • Add Comment

The Life of a Humble CEO

JAL CEO Haruka Nishimatsu cut his perks and pay, earning less than his pilots. He takes the bus to work. CNN reports.

CNN • Sunday November 23, 2008 • Add Comment

Het leven van een Japanse CEO

JAL CEO Haruka Nishimatsu heeft gesneden in zijn salaris cen extras, en verdient nu minder dan zijn piloten. Hij neemt de bus naar het kantoor. CNN verslaat.

CNN • Sunday November 23, 2008 • Add Comment

Taking Note of Taking Notes

NHK reports on the Japanese boom in note-taking skills. Some books on such skills have sold as many as 200,000 copies.

NHK • Wednesday October 29, 2008 • Add Comment