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Japan Gives Away Prizes to Get Tourists

The Japan Tourism Agency is offering prizes to people who invite their family and friends to visit Japan. With a goal of getting 10 million tourists to visit Japan in 2010, the agency has launched a two-month campaign centered around the Live Japan! campaign site.

Friday December 18, 2009

Just by completing a survey, sending an online greeting card, or writing reports abut interesting places to visit in Japan, you can win anything from airline tickets to hotel accommodations.

Prizes include airplane tickets to locations like Sapporo, Fukuoka and Okinawa; a 2-day stay in Kyoto; a 1-day tour to Nagano’s famed Snow Monkeys; a package tour to Hiroshima and Miyajima; and even tickets to a geisha dinner show.

Registration is is open to all people regardless of any nationality. Although many of the tours depart from Tokyo—as if nobody lives outside the capital—, the registration requirements do not state that you have to live in Japan to participate in the drawing.

The campaign runs through January 31, 2010. Visit the Live Japan! campaign site.


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