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East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

Since March 11 I have been reporting on the earthquake and disaster in East Japan. Because it takes a lot of time to post updates in iKjeld.com, I have been posting brief updates on my facebook page.

Sunday April 10, 2011
East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011Slideshow

You can see these updates on facebook.com/kjeld.duits.info.

The experience with facebook over the past year or so made me realize that I needed to redesign iKjeld.com to make it easier to post photos, videos and messages. The experience with my coverage of the East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 has reinforced this need, and I hope I will be able to redesign the site this year so I can get back to posting here again regularly.

I really regret I was unable to post about the aftermath of the disaster here. Hopefully, during the next disaster iKjeld.com will be redesigned and I will be able to keep you updated here as well as on my facebook page.

I am now uploading some of my video clips on my new KjeldDuits YouTube account. Please feel free to embed these on your blog or home page, or introduce the links on facebook or twitter.


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  1. Wednesday October 5, 2011Men Style Trends##commenter_says##

    What a terrible thinks happens to Japan.

  2. Thursday December 1, 2011Joshawe##commenter_says##

    Hope everything turns out to be better soon!