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Japan's Pandemic Reaction is "Exaggerated"

Japan’s pandemic reaction is “exaggerated” compared with other countries, says Hitoshi Kamiya, chairman of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry’s committee on vaccinations in an interview with the Japan Times.

Tuesday May 19, 2009
Japanese Businessmen Wearing Masks

“For example, the quarantine inspection on planes is ineffective because you cannot detect people who have the virus but are not yet showing symptoms, and people don’t necessarily tell the truth about their health condition,” he said in the interview.

The Japanese government has based its response on a bird flu pandemic with a mortality rate similar to the Spanish Flu of 1918.

Kamiya expects fever consultation centers to soon be overcrowded. He advises people who suspect that they are infected to “consult their own doctor first.”

The infection has been limited to the Kansai area, but the expert believes that it may reach Tokyo over the next few days. “It could be today or tomorrow, as soon as someone who has caught the virus comes to Tokyo on the bullet train.”


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