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Carft Sakamoto Kikaku (クラフトサカモト企画) is the train modeling company run by famed Japanese plan modeler Takahiro Sakamoto (坂本敬洋), a former professional magician who uses that experience in creating his dioramas. Sakamoto’s specialty is the creative use of light in his models. Be sure to click on the Works link.

□ 企画制作及び販売業者名/ミニチュア模型制作工房クラフト 有限会社クラフトサカモト企画 模型事業部(1993年設立)
□ 事業所在地/〒153-0053 東京都目黒区五本木3-32-8
□ メール/info@craft-s.com □ 電話/03-5768-5633 □ FAX/03-5704-6691 □ 定休日不定

JPN | 01/05/2010

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