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The richness of Japanese could be reduced to a local language
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Japans mangamuseum trekt half miljoen bezoekers

Het is bijna muisstil in de voormalige lagere school in de historische stad Kyoto. Toch zitten de gangen en voormalige lokalen vol. Zo’n kleine honderd mannen en vrouwen van jong tot oud zitten, staan en liggen manga —Japanse stripverhalen— te lezen. Dit is het Internationale Manga-museum in de Japanse stad Kyoto, en het is razend populair. Nog geen twee jaar oud, heeft het reeds een half miljoen bezoekers getrokken.

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A Moe Boom for a Small Japanese Country Town

The small town of Ugo in Akita Prefecture, like many small Japanese towns, struggles with graying and depopulation. In the past ten years alone, the town’s population declined ten percent. But it has found a remarkable solution to its problems, it has given the town a moe takeover. Wikipedia describes moe as a Japanese slang word originally referring to fetish or love for characters in video games or anime and manga. Local products are now sold in packages that feature bishojo illustrations. The effect was amazing. Sale of rice, for example, doubled. Interestingly, a young man interviewed in the clip didn’t buy the rice to eat it. He displays the bag of rice in his room, next to his huge collection of anime figures…

Asahi TV • Tuesday January 27, 2009 •

Top 60 Buzzwords of 2008

Decorated Phone

Pink Tentacle has once again listed this year’s top buzzwords as released by publishing company Jiyu Kokuminsha. The words are an excellent way to discover what events, people and trends dominated the Japanese media during 2008. The list includes terms like Princess Phone (姫電, Himeden), Guerrilla Rainstorm (ゲリラ豪雨, Gerira Gou), Marriage Hunting (婚活, Konkatsu), Whispering Matron (ささやき女将, sasayaki okami), Taste for Middle-Aged Men (カレセン, karesen) and many others. (Source: Pink Tentacle)

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