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DPJ Manifesto

DPJ Manifesto

The DPJ this week published its manifesto for the August 30 Lower House elections. It makes for very interesting reading if you are interested in changing Japan’s political landscape.

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Japanese Prime Minister Aso Announces General Elections

Japanese Prime Minister Aso announced Lower House elections earlier today. Last Saturday he still insisted that elections would not be announced any time soon, but the LDP’s historic loss at yesterday’s elections for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly seems to have changed his mind.

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The DPJ Faces the Bureaucracy

National Diet Building, Tokyo

(by Tobias Harris) – With the DPJ’s prospects on the rise and the LDP mired in what may be terminal disarray, the DPJ is receiving greater scrutiny when it comes to how the party will govern should it take power.

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The Story Behind Neda's Video

She is the dramatic symbol of the Iranian protest, Neda Agha-Soltan, the 26-year old woman who was shot dead by an unknown sniper. The man who captured the horrifying images of her final minutes, sent the video to an Iranian friend applying for political asylum in the Netherlands, who subsequently sent it into the world.

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What Should Japan's Emission Reduction Targets be for 2020?

Cut Greenhouse Emissions Now

In preparation for the Copenhagen meeting (COP15) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change at the end of 2009, Japan is currently engaged in debate about the country’s medium-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for the period 2013 to 2020. You can make your voice heard.

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Japan Considers Ending Four-Decade Policy to Cut Rice Planting

Japanese Farmer Planting Rice

Japan, the world’s largest grain importer, may end a four-decade program to cut rice sowing as it plans to revive agricultural production and create jobs amid a deepening recession.

The nation may end compulsory rice planting cuts and instead provide income support for farmers who voluntarily curb output, said a government official, who declined to be identified as the plan is opposed by some ruling-party politicians.

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Would the Japanese Administration Engage in Social Media?

National Diet Building, Tokyo

In recent days, the new US administration has started rolling out a new online strategy. The redesigned White House website gives us a first glimpse on how the Obama team is trying to implement its social network approach.

In Japan, the use of SNS by official bodies seems to predate the US somewhat. Some municipalities took a page of Mixi’s rulebook, the biggest social networking platform in Japan, and implemented social features to their website. The prime goal was often to discuss disaster prevention amongst citizens, as stressed by a successful Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ initiative in 2005-2006. Sharing local information in this earthquake-prone country is tantamount in a society shaped by communities and the feeling of belonging to a trusted group of people.

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