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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Jungle Boogie

One of Shizuko Kasagi’s (see previous two entries) best known songs is undoubtedly the Jungle Boogie. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, better known as Skapara, performs a thoroughly modern modern version of it in this clip.

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More Shizuko Kasagi

Searching for more video clips of Shizuko Kasagi (1914-1985), I found this one in which her song Tokyo Boogie Woogie is used as background music for film clips of Japan in 1948. I love the haircuts of the little girls and boys!

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Shizuko Kasagi's Shopping Boogie

Just discovered the Kaimono Boogie (Shopping Boogie) performed by Shizuko Kasagi (1914-1985) in 1950. Kasagi was known as the Queen of Boogie. If you understand Japanese, especially Osaka-ben, this one is a lot of fun to listen to. I like the part where she tries to get the attention of the elderly shopkeeper, who happens to be extremely hard of hearing.

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Japan Awash in Great Deals on Luxury Hotels

Busena Terrace Beach Resort Okinawa

Now may be a good time to take a trip in Japan. Asahi Shimbun reports that luxury hotels in Japan are slashing prices to fill rooms. For example, an overnight stay at the Peninsula Tokyo can cost as low as 38,000 yen, while a room at the Ritz-Carlton Osaka is priced at 25,000 yen. Many discounts are half of the normal rates.

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How to Write a North Korean News Headline

North Korean Propaganda Poster

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the state news agency of North Korea (DPRK), has a fascinating way to present news about the countries that it sees as its main enemies: South Korea, Japan and the USA. In my imagination there is a huge poster on the wall that instructs KCNA’s English writers how to write headlines:

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Kentucky Fried Christmas

Christmas is in the air, as well as the smell of fried chicken… Over many years Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan has somehow managed to position its greasy offerings as a romantic Christmas delight. There is something deeply sad about fast food being seen as romantic.

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Een restaurant in de stad Utsunomiya lijkt een oplossing gevonden te hebben voor het probleem van onvoldoende werknemers. Het laat apen werken als obers. It employs Japanese macaque monkeys as waiters. Volgens voorschriften voor dierenrechten werken de twee aapjes, Yachan en Fukuchan, enkel twee uur per dag.

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