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Advertising options include text links and banners. Text links are in the left column or inside articles, while banners can be placed in the left or right column (full banner) or on top (leaderboard). A text link and a banner can be combined.

iKjeld.com ad sizes are based on IAB Ad Unit Guidelines (* = outside these guidelines). The recommended file weights and animation lengths are specifically for animated in-page display ads, typically using an authoring program such as Adobe Flash or appearing as animated GIFs.

Advertising Rates

You can pay monthly or in advance. By paying 3, 6 or 12 months in advance you can save up to 35% on the advertising fee.

Safe and Easy Payment

Payment is simple, quick, and safe. By using the dependable PayPal system, the world’s largest online payment system, you can pay with any major credit card or transfer funds directly from your bank account. Within Japan and Europe you can pay by direct bank transfer as well.

How Does it Work?

1. You send us the text or graphic for your ad (we may edit — the edited ad is only placed after your agreement).

2. We send you an invoice. You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer (banks in Japan and the Netherlands)

3. Your ad is placed as soon as we have confirmed payment

Let’s Go!

Contact iKjeld.com for information about our rates or any other questions that you might have.

Advertising Policy

1. iKjeld.com does not represent or endorse any of the companies, organizations, or individuals who advertise on this site. All liability for false or misleading advertising claims, or problems associated with a transaction made with an advertiser on this site, lies solely with the advertiser.

2. iKjeld.com reserves the right to refuse or discontinue advertising from any source without explaining the reasons. If advertising is discontinued the remaining charges will be refunded.

3. iKjeld.com does not at any time provide information about its users to advertisers. However, advertisers may, with the use of forms or clickable links, gather information about visitors through their advertisements on iKjeld.com.

4. iKjeld.com reserves the right to edit advertising in order to adjust it to our editorial philosophies. Material will not be edited in a manner that would make it misleading, or change the intent or accuracy of the information. At all times editorial changes will be confirmed with the advertiser before publication. Even if this means that the publication date is changed. You are therefore advised to deliver advertising materials well in advance.