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Over the years some very wonderful people and organizations have contributed to iKjeld.com. Thanks, guys! Most of their articles can be found on the old site. Some previous iKjeld contributors are…

Debito Arudou – Hokkaido based human rights activist (Wikipedia)
David Askew – Author and Associate Professor (Law) at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Herbert P. Bix – Author of Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan, writes on problems of war and empire
Dave Coll Blanco – Tokyo based photographer for Spanish News Agency EFE
David Bull – Tokyo based ukiyo-e artist
Chris Bunting – Freelance journalist from London who moved to Japan in April 2005
Zeljko Cipris – Author and translator of books like Soldiers Alive
Steven Clemons – Director of the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation and co-founder of the Japan Policy Research Institute
Jean Miyake Downey – Writes on grassroots nonviolent social change and multiculturalism
Junko Edahiro – Writes for Japan for Sustainability (JFS)
Brad Glosserman – Executive director at the Pacific Forum CSIS
Bill Gordon – Kamikaze Images, Senior Financial Manager at Pratt & Whitney
Tobias Harris – Japan/East Asia specialist. Writes about Japanese politics
Romulus Hillsborough – U.S. based author and journalist
Kiyoshi Koshiba – Staff writer of Japan for Sustainability
Mindy Kotler – Founder and director of the Japan Information Access Project
Annie Manion
Paul-Vincent McInnes – Tokyo based author
David McNeill – Tokyo-based journalist
Greg Mitchell – Editor of Editor, and publisher and former editor of Nuclear Times (Wikipedia)
Martin Rep – Publisher of Mahjong News
Kseniya Ruvinskaya – New York fashion writer
Nobuko Saigusa – Writes for Japan for Sustainability (JFS)
Jean Scheidnes – US based journalist who writes about style
Kosuke Takahashi – Freelance correspondent based in Tokyo
Masaru Tamamoto – Writes on Japanese national identity and international relations (World Policy Institute)
Moritatsu Tawara – Secretary General of the Kansai Press Club
Mark Selden – Coordinator of Japan Focus and author of books on Japan and the Asia-Pacific
Steve Silver – Japan based educator and photographer who writes about politics, culture, society, and humor
Norbert Vollertsen – German doctor and human rights activist (Wikipedia)

Please contact me if you are interested in contributing.