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The richness of Japanese could be reduced to a local language
Rest in Peace Japanese?
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Kjeld Duits

News and Photos of Japan – Dive Deeper into Japan with Japan Correspondent Kjeld Duits

Hi, I am Kjeld (“kyelt”) Duits and I am responsible for the articles, photos and links on iKjeld.com. I have lived in Japan since 1982 and consider this my home. I work as a journalist and photographer for several daily newspapers and radio stations, and over the years have worked for organizations like the BBC, NHK, Associated Press, The Times, Wired Magazine and many more.

I have covered many major news stories, such as the horrific train accident near Osaka in April 2005, and the Tsunami Disaster of 2004. My specialties include Japanese street fashion, Japanese urban history and earthquakes. Pretty much covered all the major earthquakes in Asia since 1995.

Besides being a journalist, I am also active in several other fields. I was for example the Olympic Attaché for the Dutch and Belgian Olympic Committees during the 1998 Winter games in Nagano. I have been a juror for the International Emmy Awards and the Osaka European Film Festival. And I act as an advisor on tourism issues to the Hyogo Prefectural Government.

In 2002 my Dutch language book ‘Vrouw breekt los’ about contemporary Japanese society was published. The foreword was written by former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Dries van Agt, who was Ambassador of the European Community to Japan from 1987 to 1989.

My photographs have been displayed at expositions in Japan, the UK, the Netherlands, Greece and Singapore and have received several awards, especially for documenting Japanese folk-festivals (matsuri).

I love new challenges, so please feel free to contact me for collaborations, assignments or story ideas.

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